viernes, 8 de mayo de 2015


                                SINBAD THE SAILOR

Los niños de 2º ciclo hemos ido a ver  la obra de teatro en inglés llamada "Simbad the sailor".

"Once upon a time,in a distant land to the East,in the beautiful city of Baghdad,there was an important palace where a great Sultan lived. Every night he requested that he be told a tale to be able to sleep  peacefully. The Sultan listened every night to one of the magical stories about heroes like Aladdin and his magic lamp, Alí Baba and the forty thieves and a series of adventures that use the imagination. The best narrator of stories that the Sultan had was the daugther of the Grand Vizier,Scheherezade ; a very beautiful young woman who had the gift of telling the most incredible stories".

Characters:  Halim,Simbad and Scheherezade.

Claudia     4ºA      
  Rubén       4ºB

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